Vehicle Paint 3D

Stimulate your children’s imagination with a different kind of paint learning game. Funny paint game in 3d. Share the creations as family greetings for special occasions.

You can paint multiple models all in 3D. You can paint the object from every side. So kids will learn tridimensional thinking.

You can paint many types of vehicles. Paint motorcycles, cars, police cars, hot air balloons, trucks, airplanes, pirate ships and helicopters,

– 8 Different models to paint including aircrafts, ground vehicles and seacrafts. Included vehicles: helicopter, car, police car, truck, pirate ship, motorcycle, aeroplane and a hot air balloon.
– Multiple stickers or decals to put on the objects: star sticker, fire decal, marine stickers (octopus, anchor and dolphin), planes, racing stickers (trophy, numbers, flags), and much more.
– Select any existing color! Pick any existing color from the color picker.
– Defined colors. You can select easily predefined colors: pink, green, blue, orange, purple, yellow and red among others.
– Change backgrounds: city, race, sky and sea.
– Different brushes (marker or spray).
– Change brush and stickers/decals size.
– Enable / disable textures.
– Share your child’s creations on social media: Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, among others.

Stimulate your children’s imagination and share their creations!

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