Soccer Goal Championship

Be a soccer star and make your team win the championship final. The league has ended, your team is on the playoff finals and your mission as the goalkeeper is to stop any goal chance. Move your finger right to left in order to stop the ball. Each time you

Vehicle Paint 3D

Stimulate your children’s imagination with a different kind of paint learning game. Funny paint game in 3d. Share the creations as family greetings for special occasions. You can paint multiple models all in 3D. You can paint the object from every side. So kids will learn tridimensional thinking. You can

Remo Bubble Shoot Run

Remo Bubble Shoot Run is an endless run game for kids. The goal is to get the maximum amount of coins. But you must be careful! There are bees and fences which want you tu fail! Hopefully you can protect yourself by capturing bees into bubbles. Each coin has a

Pizza Attack. Fear the dough!

Pizza Attack. Fear The Doug! is a survival game located in an italian “trattoria”. You are the cheff and the pizzas are trying to kill you, You must destroy them if you want to survive. The controls are really simple. Tap to attack a pizza. Tap and hold on to

Easter Egg Paint 3D

Easter greetings painter for kids. The egg can be paint with total freedom and be converted into a easter greeting shareable through whatsapp, facebook, mail among others. Features: – You can change paint color. – There are different size brushes. – You have lots of stickers to use. – You

Diem APPs

Desarrolladora indie de videojuegos aptos para toda la familia.